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This is why

Two decades of experience in dealing with serious corporate issues and the complex requirements of financial transactions, mergers & acquisitions, crisis issues with some of Germany’s largest corporations, worldwide opinion leaders and some of the most profiled financial transactions has made us uniquely suited to build powerful connections for our clients with key industries, governments and the media.

Due to our independence and flexibility, our international network offers the best and most professional senior advisers, providing sound, objective advice and execution support to clients across a large spectrum of industries.

Our clients benefit from our comprehensive experience in virtually every facet of corporate communications and investor relations, as well as advising on M&A, IPOs and restructurings, crisis communications, media relations, media and presentations trainings.

As an independent firm, we are able to partner with the best communications resources in each overseas market and regularly collaborate with boutiques or larger agencies in major markets across the world.

Click on this link to get to our dedicated training website: https://resonanzkraft.net/

Our Services

Public Relations

Traditional, digital, mobile, and social media are crucial to the perceptions that shape companies’ and its management’s public presence. Perception is crucial to its success. In fast moving world, our clients benefit from our ability to develop concise, clear messages, and to disseminate them across any medium, including social media. We can serve as on-the-record spokespersons, arrange interviews and editorial board meetings, and assist clients with media tours, op-ed development and placement, media training, and tracking and analysis.



Financial Communication

Major transactions are transformational for their participants. Their outcome often depends on what key constituencies hear and think about what’s happening. Strategic use of communication is an imperative for any deal. We help corporations of every size as well as investors to win the support they need. Being aware of the questions, concerns, and fears that customers, employees, business partner, the media, and political stakeholders might have, is key to build trust and ensure support for a successful transaction.



Special Situation Communication

Crises are unexpected. They can do great harm. And, they can be managed.
Our target is to produce remarkable results for the long-term benefit of our clients with candid, pragmatic counsel to boards, senior executives, and individuals on a wide range of crises and special situations. Our role typically includes strategy development and ongoing counsel, messaging and preparation of multiple-audience communications, media relations, investor relations, development and execution of social media strategies, and on-site support when appropriate.


By communicating in a powerful way with your important audiences, you ignite momentum and inspire people to take action. Our training will build your confidence and skill in reaching every audience with a powerful message and an authentic style. You’ll improve your skills how to engage people with powerful points and stories that touch hearts and minds.
“It is neither the smartest nor the hardest working CEOs who succeed in business. It is the ones who best communicate their firm’s vision to customers, vendors, and employees.“ Tom Stemberg, founder of Staples.

Click on this link to get to our dedicated training website: https://resonanzkraft.net/

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Click on this link to get to our dedicated training website: https://resonanzkraft.net/


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